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RTOSX (a PX5 company) Enhances, Simplifies, and Unites embedded development. We deliver on this mission with superior products, an expert team, and a focus on supporting you throughout your development effort. All of this helps you deliver higher quality, safer, and more secure products to market in less time and with lower cost. When you succeed, we succeed!


Our Core Team

William Lamie President/CEO

David Lamie VP of Sales

Yuxin Zhou VP of Engineering

Empower your development journey with our support, ensuring a seamless path to success for your upcoming embedded IoT product!

William Lamie President and CEO


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Engineering Services

Explore our specialized engineering services tailored to THREADX, FILEX, GUIX, NETX, & USBX designs. For more information, please check out our Engineering Services page

For the latest advanced POSIX pthread RTOS technology, please visit PX5RTOS.com

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