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ARM is a UK-based leading, intellectual property (IP) provider, licensing high-performance, low-cost, power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals, and system-chip designs to leading international electronics companies.

ARM technologies securely power products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer. Energy-efficient processor designs and software platforms have enabled advanced computing in more than 230 billion chips. For more information, visit the Arm website.

Clarinox Technologies

Clarinox Technologies

Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian short-range wireless embedded systems company that licenses ClarinoxBlue, ClarinoxWiFi Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Wi-Fi® protocol stack software and award-winning ClariFi debug tools. Using these well-proven resources, software engineers can efficiently design, implement and debug complex embedded Bluetooth and Wi-Fi developments.

Clarinox has a solid portfolio of international brand name customers, including Fortune 100 corporations across a broad range of industries. For more information, visit the Clarinox website.

Cypherbridge Systems

Cypherbridge Systems

Cypherbridge Systems is a California-based company that develops and deploys purpose-built security software–device and system-level solutions–to a broad spectrum of industries.

Cypherbridge SDKPac solution kits powered by PX5 are tailored to each project–integrated and tested on off-the-shelf development kits and toolchains.

SDKPac features Include:

  • uLoadXL secure boot loader, safe software installations, and lifecycle support, including over-the-air updates
  • uSSL TLS 1.3 SDK
  • uCrypt library including cryptographic, PKCS, X509 and RFC operations
  • uSSH server and client, SFTP and SCP secure file transfer
  • Modbus and MBAPS TLS secure TCP/IP modbus protocol with AUTHN and AUTHZ access control
  • RADIUS client for IT-managed AUTHN and AUTHZ access control
  • dHTTP HTTPS Webserver
  • uSMTP TLS secure email client library
  • uMQTT TLS secure MQTT 3.1.1 standards library integrated with Azure IoT and AWS hyperclouds

Download SDKPac solution kit PX5

For more information, visit the Cypherbridge website.



IAR is a Swedish software company that offers development tools for embedded systems. Founded in 1983, it is listed on Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm.

IAR provides world-leading software and services that drive developer productivity in embedded development and embedded security, enabling companies worldwide to create and secure the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow. For more information, visit the IAR website.



Memfault is the first IoT reliability platform that empowers teams to build robust devices with software at scale. Memfault applies device reliability engineering (DRE) techniques to transform the way developers build and operate IoT and edge devices. As IoT applications continue to grow in complexity, it is more important than ever for developers to integrate Memfault’s performance monitoring, debugging, and OTA update capabilities into their devices. Memfault was built to enable developers with a more scalable and sustainable process to accelerate go-to-market, de-risk product launches, cut product costs, and deliver overall superior products.

The company was founded by engineers with decades of experience from Fitbit, Oculus, and Pebble. Memfault is backed by Stripes, Uncork Capital, Partech Partners, the 5G Open Innovation Lab, S28 Capital, and Y Combinator. For more information, visit the Memfault website.



Packetcraft delivers production-ready “baseband to application” embedded software, including full source code, to meet the constant evolution of short-range wireless technologies including Bluetooth LE and UWB. Their solutions enable semiconductor and product companies to achieve greater product differentiation with more features and customization. Their comprehensive portfolio implements the latest specs, is extensively tested, and is Bluetooth qualified to ensure fast time-to-market and reduced risk. Packetcraft’s software products include:

  • Packetcraft Controller: a Bluetooth 5.3 link layer (upgradable to 5.4) with optional 802.15.4 MAC, architected for portability to different radios, allowing it to be used with new or existing chip designs
  • Packetcraft Host: a Bluetooth LE host protocol stack, GATT profiles, and new LE Audio profiles designed specifically for power sensitive embedded systems
  • Packetcraft LC3: a highly optimized implementation of the standard Bluetooth LC3 codec, capable of supporting demanding audio use cases running multiple codec instances on a single processor, without requiring a dedicated DSP.

Packetcraft’s software is OS independent and supports the latest market demands including LE Audio as well as Bluetooth 5.4 PAwR. For more information, visit the Packetcraft website.

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