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We offer professional support services leveraging decades of RTOS domain expertise, including creating THREADX and associated middleware. Our dedicated team is ready to address any challenges you may face, providing timely responses and resolutions. Our support scales from individual developers through entire enterprises. Additionally, our Extended Long-Term Support (ELS) ensures stability, security, and maintenance for specific THREADX versions to align seamlessly with your device's lifecycle. All of this helps ensure the success of your THREADX-based systems.

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Harness our unparalleled expertise to accelerate your time-to-market and maximize your product's quality. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your project's success. Reach out today to discover how we can help your team make things better!

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The power of RTOS

Discover how Real-Time Operating Systems offer a platform to achieve multithreading and concurrency in environments with limited resources. This enables developers to concentrate on their application logic, eliminating the need to manually manage processor resources.

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The Industrial Grade PX5 RTOS is an advanced, 5th generation RTOS designed for the most demanding embedded applications.

Its native (non-layered) implementation of the industry standard pthreads API and best-in-class performance, footprint, safety, and security deliver an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

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Introducing the advanced 5th generation PX5 RTOS with native POSIX pthreads+ support.

Should your project require cutting-edge RTOS technology or the sharing of code between an embedded Linux project and a deeply embedded one, the PX5 RTOS, designed for industrial-grade applications, provides the ideal solution.

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