Knowledge Base

Leverage our team’s vast embedded experience (over a century of combined experience) with the Eclipse THREADX RTOS. Our knowledge base contains FAQs, tips, and best practices that help speed your development and help you make better quality products.


Repository Guide

Learn how to navigate the Github repository for the Eclipse THREADX RTOS. With over 1,500 folders and 8K files, the Eclipse THREADX repository is substantial. This guide helps you find exactly what you need!


Quick Reference

The Eclipse THREADX RTOS quick-reference card provides a quick look up for all THREADX APIs, constants and additional information.


User Guides

We provide our own professional PDF documentation for the Eclipse THREADX RTOS – written by the original author – helping you get the most out of using THREADX.

We also offer processor/tool specific user guides for popular versions the Eclipse THREADX RTOS, including support for Arm Cortex-A, Cortex-M, and Cortex-R architectures as well as development tools from IAR, Keil, and GCC.


Training Materials

Get Eclipse THREADX RTOS training from the experts. This training package includes a PPT of the training class as well as workshop materials that provide “hands-on” lessons that execute on Windows using Visual Studio.

We also offer on-line and in-person training for an even deeper dive into THREADX.


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